You are the One we need.  

School and Tutors on Wheels is a neighborhood based adult English literacy  
program that empowers low-income adults by teaching them English literacy and  
valuable life skills. We break the language barrier and set people on the road to a  
better life through free one-on-one tutoring in suburban Cook and DuPage counties.
Improving adult English literacy improves our schools, public safety, health literacy and  
workplace productivity-this helps our communities and our economy.   
Since 1993 School and Tutors on Wheels has brought 5,000 adult learners together  
with more than 2,500 volunteers in our suburban sites. These one-on-one relationships  
are life-enriching.   
Lives are changed in many ways when a one-on-one tutor volunteers one hour a week  
at one of our many community partnership sites. Many of our students are able to attain  
new jobs or job promotions, become U.S. citizens and obtain their G.E.D.   
Tutors are the wheels that make our program run!  It is not necessary to speak a  
second language to volunteer in our program. We provide the training and tools needed  
to make the tutoring experience easy and enjoyable. Becoming a volunteer is simple.  
The first step is to sign up for a free tutor training workshop. We then match you with a  
student at an hour that is convenient for you, morning, afternoon or evening. If you would  
like to become a tutor, call Jeanie Jadran, Program Director, School and Tutors on  
Wheels, at 630-217-0396.
School and Tutors on Wheels is partially funded by a literacy grant from the Illinois  
Secretary of State and a Congregation of St. Joseph Generous Promises grant.
When you become a tutor you feel good - and live a longer, healthier life!

Enhance your life by becoming a one-on-one tutor. You donít need to speak a second language. We make it easy and enjoyable. Our family of  more than 400 tutors come from Chicago and 45 suburbs. Some are as young as college age and are eager to improve the world. Many are seniors whose valuable life experiences enhance the quality of our program. We are at
a site near you in DuPage county and western Cook county. Studies show that volunteer tutors reap many benefits: they enjoy longer, healthier, more satisfying lives! Sign up today for our free training workshop. Call Jeanie Jadran, Program Director at 630-217-0396.
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Be a Literacy Life-Changer
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